Tandem Flight with Instructor >>

The Tandem Flight is the easiest way to realize your dream of flying!

You will be accompanied by an experienced instructor, who aims to get you to enjoy the world aboard an aircraft driven only by the wind. Mountains, valleys, waterfalls, beaches, birds and clouds, our flight itineraries are specially prepared for you to enjoy the most with comfort and safety.

The equipment used is of the latest generation, reviewed every six months by the manufacturers.

The flight can be registered, so you have a memory of its achievement and overcoming. We photograph and film your adventure with the highest quality.

We are aware of our responsibility to perform the double flight, so we only carry out the flights in particularly favorable conditions.

We operate on several flight points. The main ones for practice are:

- Ramp of Pedra Bonita in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro;
- Ramp of the City Park in Niterói;
- Ramp of the São Vicente Park in Petrópolis.

Look at the pictures and videos in our galleries, and decide the setting for your next adventure.

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